Erste Group Express 4 - available on secondary market

Erste Group Express 4 - available on secondary market

Opportunity for 10.5% annual yield with ♻️ Erste Group Bank AG at a term of 1 to 5 years and annually declining termination level (step-down)


This certificates complies with RCB’s sustainability standards. For further information please see:

The Erste Group Express 4 certificate combines the opportunity to generate an attractive yield with the possibility for an early redemption. The share of Erste Group serves as underlying for the investment product without capital protection. The Express Certificate offers an attractive profit opportunity for those investors who expect the Erste Group share to quote at or above its current level within the forthcoming five years.


On the initial valutation date, the starting value of the underlying is determined and based on that the barrier and the termination levels are defined. On the respective annual valuation date, the price of the underlying is compared with the respective termination level. If the price of the underlying is at or above the termination level, (early) redemption of the certificate is effected at the predefined termination price.

The longer the term, the higher is the termination price and the lower the termination level. If the share quotes below its termination level at the respective annual valuation date, the term extends by another year, the potential termination price rises by 10.5% and the annual terminal level declines by 10 percentage points.

1st year
Termination level: 100% (= starting value) 
Termination price: 110,5% of the nominal value
2nd year
Termination level: 90%
Termination price: 121,0% of the nominal value
3rd year
Termination level: 80%
Termination price: 131,5% of the nominal value
4th year
Termination level: 70%
Termination price: 142,0% of the nominal value
5th year
Termination level: 60% (= barrier)
Termination price: 152,5% of the nominal value


Safety mechanism

If there has been no early redemption by the last year of the term and if the price of the underlying is also below the termination level (corresponds to the barrier) on the final valuation date, physical delivery of shares is effected. This means that shares of Erste Group AG are booked into the investor's securities account at the amount (nominal value/starting value) predefined at the beginning of the term. The difference to the integral number is paid out. In this case, the lower share price of the delivered shares may result in the loss of a major part of the capital.

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Express Certificates – explained shortly:

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Key facts:
  • Name: Erste Group Express 4
  • ISIN: AT0000A30699
  • Initial valuation date: Oct 20, 2022
  • Term: min. 1 year, max. 5 years
  • Listing: Vienna, Frankfurt, Stuttgart
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