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The information contained in our investment certificate finder is aimed at a broad target group and is therefore general in nature. This information is marketing communication (pursuant to Art 36 para 2 DelReg (EU) 2017/565) and other information (according to the Financial Market Authority Circular on Information including Marketing Communication pursuant to WAG) and not a financial analysis (pursuant to Art 36 para 1 DelReg (EU) 2017/565). It was not prepared in compliance with legal regulations aimed at promoting the independence of financial analyses and is therefore not subject to a prohibition on trading following the distribution of financial analyses. It is not possible for this information to take the personal circumstances of the investor into account and therefore it does not constitute investment advice, a personal recommendation, or a solicitation to submit an offer to buy or sell the listed investment certificates. This information is not a substitute for individual investment advice, tax advice, or risk evaluation. Because not every transaction is suitable for every investor, the investor should consult his/her own advisors (particularly legal and tax advisors) before concluding a transaction in order to ensure that, independent of the information provided here, the planned investment certificate meets the investor’s needs and preferences and the investor completely understands the risks involved.

The relevant Base Prospectus (including any supplements) and the relevant Final Terms for the investment certificates represent the complete information for the included investment certificates. These documents and additional information such as the Key Information Documents are available on the Raiffeisen Bank International AG web site raiffeisencertificates.com at Securities Prospectus. Certificates issued by RBI are no financial products as defined in the Regulation (EU) 2019/2088.

Unless explicitly stated in these documents, no measures permitting a public offer of the investment certificates described here have been or will be taken in any jurisdiction. Changes can be made at any time without prior notice. Further general legal information and a disclaimer can be found under Legal notice and disclaimer.