We support you to invest sustainably!

May it be green? The Raiffeisen certificate product range offers a good selection of sustainable capital protection and partial protection products, all of which meet the clear sustainability criteria for Raiffeisen certificates. To invest with a sustainable investment product, you can subscribe to new certificates or buy a current certificate already traded on the market.


Overview of the drawing products
Trade sustainable certificates

For about four weeks before the issue, our new certificates are available to you. You can subscribe to them via your house bank, for example.  

to the current Subscription offer →

You can trade these sustainable certificates directly on the Vienna, Frankfurt and Stuttgart stock exchanges during trading hours.

sustainable certificates directly tradable →

  • Alternatively, you can get to know certificates in a playful way and discover our most exciting certificates on the market with the Certificates Finder.
  • More experienced investors can also refer to our current expert selection of Products in Focus for a tabular overview.




Sustainable Raiffeisen Certificates take into account the main adverse effects on sustainability factors (PAI) according to Art. 2 No. 7 lit. c) MiFID II-DVO, (EU) 2021/1253. However, these are not financial products within the meaning of Regulation (EU) 2019/2088. This is advertising which does not constitute investment advice, an offer, a recommendation or an invitation to make an offer. Comprehensive information on the financial instrument and its opportunities and risks - see approved (base) prospectus (including any supplements), published at raiffeisenzertifikate.at/securitiesprospectuses. Additional information also in the basic information sheet and under "Customer information and regulatory matters" raiffeisenzertifikate.at/customer-information. The approval of the prospectus is not to be understood as an endorsement of this financial instrument by the authority (FMA). You are about to acquire a product that is not simple and may be difficult to understand. We recommend that you read the prospectus before making an investment decision. When purchasing the financial instrument, the investor bears the credit risk of Raiffeisen Bank International AG (RBI). The certificate is subject to special regulations which may already have an adverse effect in the event of a probable default of RBI (e.g. suspension of interest payments) - see raiffeisenzertifikate.at/basag.