Investing with certificates from Raiffeisen

Discover the variety of investing with Raiffeisen certificates! Invest easily and flexibly in topics that are important to you - be it sustainability or exciting future topics. Certificates offer you clear and transparent payout profiles so that you always know exactly how much you will get back.

Please note: Investing in securities is associated with opportunities and risks.

More security or higher earnings potential? Our solutions are manifold!

Find out how certificates work and which ones are right for you.

Here you will find the most interesting capital protection, bonus and express certificates as well as reverse convertibles from the secondary market (after initial public offering).

Our experts update this selection on a weekly basis.

Find out about certificates, because ...

... Stock exchanges & markets can rise, fall or remain unchanged and we have certificates for you for every market trend.

... you can choose the risk-reward ratio that suits you.

... with certificates you know from the start what is decisive for your payout amount.

... you can invest with small amounts of money and remain flexible - you can buy or sell at any time.

Please note: Investing in securities is associated with opportunities and risks.


How to find exciting certificates

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In just 3 steps, the Certificate Finder provides an exciting selection from the world of certificates!
  • For certificate beginners and professionals
  • In a few seconds to a selection of certificates
  • Find certificates and buy them right away
Sustainable investing with certificates!

Climate change presents us all with one of the greatest challenges that we can only overcome together. Everyone can make a contribution in everyday life, including through sustainable investments.

Both we as the issuer and the underlying asset of the investment product are assessed according to objective criteria.

Put your money to work for a better future - with our sustainable investment products!

Certificate saving

You can invest in our attractive Bonus Unlimited series with monthly deposits from just 100 euros. Certificate Saving is suitable for all those who want to build up wealth over the medium to long term via equity markets, with an advantage that only certificates offer: being hedged to a certain extent against unfavorable price developments.

A certificate is not a savings book and is not subject to deposit insurance. There may be a total loss of the capital invested. Please note the issuer risk as well as the risk of creditor participation ("bail-in").

Choose from these certificate types

Investing in securities is associated with opportunities and risks.