Welcome to our new homepage!


Welcome to our new homepage!

Experience our online presence in a new way ✨ concentrated info is of course retained

We are developing in step with digitalization! More intuitive, faster, better. With our reimagined online journey, we are helping to level barriers to ensure, investors are able to make informed investment decisions.

  1. ... because 💾 we are also using new technological possibilities to provide additional guidance and expand our support.

  2. ... because 👩🏻‍💼👨🏼‍💼 customers and advisors can nowadays expect convenient online access to digital channels and information.

  3. ... because 🛰️ we increase accuracy and efficiency through automated processes for us and our customers.


That's why we are now presenting our homepage in new splendor!
We have improved the dynamic factsheets for capital protection certificates during the term on the secondary market and integrated our investment products into the financial coach for Raiffeisen ELBA customers. Now we are expanding our digital offering with this next stage of development.

We have carefully modernized what is tried and tested and have not shied away from breaking new ground that takes into account the dynamics of the current times. You will find that all the information you are used to is still available, while some of the paths to it have changed in a refreshing way. We have placed particular emphasis on the mobile use of our homepage so that you can easily access the information you need anytime and anywhere.

We have dedicated ourselves to simple investing for financial precausions and investments; we have transformed the “user journey” on our website into a new experience. But we are not yet at the end of our digital journey ... Further projects and improvements are already in the pipeline!

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Are you a loyal visitor to our 🚥 “heatmap”? You can find the latest developments in the countries and asset classes in the main navigation MARKETS & SERVICES under "Markets at a Glance".



Are you already familiar with our investment product guides?

These include:

The Top Picks offer a hand-picked choice of certificates selected by us based on market trends, (short) remaining terms and special opportunities – available for immediate purchase at the respective price.

👉🏻 raiffeisencertificates.com/top-picks

Our Certificate Finder guides investors step-by-step to the investment product with a maximum of 3 clicks – suitable for both certificate beginners and professionals.

👉🏻 zertifikate-finder.at

Latest certificates in subscription are available at any time: These can be subscribed to for a period of around 4 weeks. This means that the price is fixed during this period – safety aware investors will always find the most recent issues.

👉🏻 raiffeisencertificates.com/easily-investing


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Easy to reach and personally on hand to answer any questions. That's what we are at Raiffeisen Certificates, because we attach great importance to being there for you when you need us.

Please adjust your cookie settings to allow YouTube videos or start the video here: External link to the video on YouTube

Please adjust your cookie settings to allow YouTube videos or start the video here: External link to the video on YouTube

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