Successful Austrian Certificates Day 2023

Successful Austrian Certificates Day 2023

Certificates from Raiffeisen: #1 since 2007

  • Award: Raiffeisen named overall winner for the 17th time in a row 
  • Austrian Finance Minister on the central role of the capital market 
  • Certificates facilitate entry into the world of the capital market

Vienna - On September 19, 2023, the Austrian and international certificate issuers and the interested capital market audience met for the Certificate Day with Congress and subsequent Award Ceremony. The congress of the Zertifikate Forum Austria took place this year with the focus on "New perspectives for asset accumulation". Monika Kovarova-Simecek, Head of the Digital Business Communications course at the University of Applied Sciences St. Pölten brought the findings of her study on the investment and information behavior of Generation Z (born between 1996 and 2010), as well as the role of "finfluencers". Gen Z is now the fastest growing age group on the capital market. Their investment motives, with the desire for medium- to long-term asset accumulation at a manageable risk, differ less from those of other generations. The differences lie much more in information behavior, with digital communication on the web, via podcasts and social media channels playing a major role. Kovarova-Simecek discussed the challenges and opportunities that these new capital market players bring with them with Ernst Huber (CEO Dadat), Christian Vollmuth (Board Member of the Bundesverband für Strukturierte Wertpapiere) and Philipp Arnold (Head of Sales at Raiffeisen Certificates). Certificates in particular can meet many of the needs of the Gen Z with flexibility through easy tradability and use in all market phases. Capital protection and partial protection certificates score particularly well in the current market environment with convincing conditions and have the potential to attract more young people to the capital market, according to the unanimous opinion.

Also present at the congress was Finance Minister Magnus Brunner. In his speech, he pointed out the central role of a functioning capital market. "We are working to remove barriers to entry into the capital market. In order to take account of the increasing importance of private retirement provision for broad sections of the population, to support long-term asset accumulation, and because of its importance for Austria as a business location to secure domestic prosperity," said the Finance Minister.


Held at Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI) am Stadtpark, host Johann Strobl opened the Certificates Awards following the congress, which took place for the 17th time this year. "As CEO of RBI, I am very pleased that we have had our entire certificates expertise under the RBI umbrella since the end of last year. As a result, the presence of Raiffeisen Certificates in our core markets of Austria and Eastern Europe has once again been significantly expanded by Heike Arbter and her team," said Strobl.


Heike Arbter, Head of Raiffeisen Certificates, contributed her expertise as President of the European Structured Investment Products Association (EUSIPA). Since 2016, she has been setting Europe-wide priorities for the industry. Her mandate from the European Commission is clear: retail customers should be brought more closely into the capital markets. "What keeps people in Austria away from the capital market or investment products? It is also the paradoxical perception of risk - the loss of money is felt more strongly emotionally than its gain. For this reason, there are solutions in the form of capital protection and partial protection products from the world of certificates that can make it easier for safety-conscious investors to enter the capital market," says Arbter.


Number 1 in certificates since 2007

Raiffeisen emerged as the winner from the Certificates Day. The numerous awards for the company's capital protection and partial protection certificates as well as its service performance once again led to the award "Issuer of the Year". The audience award also went to the Raiffeisen Certificates team. The 17th overall victory in a row proves that the company has succeeded in establishing suitable investment solutions for investors.

Customer needs recognized & market opportunities exploited: awarded in 7 categories


The top rankings speak for themselves: the Raiffeisen Certificates team reacted quickly to customer and market needs and delivered suitable product solutions at the right time. In particular, it was able to take advantage of the increased interest rate level in the form of attractive payout profiles for customers. Raiffeisen also remains the only issuer to offer a dedicated investment solution for inflation protection in the form of bonus certificates. These opportunities have been recognized not only on the primary market but also on the secondary market, as confirmed by the high volumes sold in the current year. Not only the expert jury is convinced by the work of the Raiffeisen team. With the audience award in the category "Info & Service", the investors also clearly decided in favor of Raiffeisen Certificates.


Impressions from the Austrian Certificates Day 2023


Overview: all Categories and Winners

Total price: Issuer of the Year
1. Raiffeisen Certificates
2. UniCredit
3. Erste Group

Audience Award: Info&Service
1. Raiffeisen Certificates
2. Erste Group
3. UniCredit


Primary Market
1. Raiffeisen Certificates
2. UniCredit
3. Erste Group

Secondary Market
1. Raiffeisen Certificates
2. BNP Paribas

Innovation of the Year
1. Leonteq
2. Vontobel
3. Raiffeisen Certificates

Capital Protection Certificates
1. Raiffeisen Certificates
2. Erste Group
3. UniCredit

Bonus Certificates
1. BNP Paribas
2. Raiffeisen Certificates
3. Vontobel

Express Certificates
1. Vontobel
2. Erste Group
3. UniCredit

Reverse Convertible Bonds
1. Erste Group
2. Vontobel
3. UniCredit

Index and Participation Certificates
1. Raiffeisen Certificates
2. UBS
3. BNP Paribas

Leverage Products
1. BNP Paribas
2. Societe Generale
3. Morgan Stanley

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