Raiffeisen Centrobank reconfirmed largest domestic Specialist and Market Maker on the Vienna Stock Exchange

Raiffeisen Centrobank reconfirmed largest domestic Specialist and Market Maker on the Vienna Stock Exchange

Vienna – The annual tender procedure at Vienna Stock Exchange for the function of Specialist and Market Maker, which ended on April 16th, 2020 after only one bidding round, saw Raiffeisen Centrobank AG (RCB) as the largest domestic market market participant, getting 19 mandates in each segment. As Specialist and Market Maker, RCB will be responsible for providing liquidity, i.e. regular pricing, for the respective shares for an entire year.

As per May 4th, 2020, RCB will act again as a Specialist and Market Maker for all 38 shares listed in the Prime Market. The Austrian competence center for equities and certificates is thus the only Market Maker covering the Prime Market in its entirety. This underscores RCB’s commitment to the local stock exchange: “As leading Specialist and Market Maker, the RCB is committed to support Austrian small and mid-caps on the Vienna Stock Exchange. We are particularly pleased that we were also selected as Specialist for all non-ATX listed stocks, which underscores our sustained commitment as Austrian expert to the local capital market,” said Martin Kreiner, Head of Trading at RCB. 

Specialists and Market Makers are under the obligation to place binding buy and sell prices (quotes) into the system during a certain period in continuous trading, which must comply with a predefined minimum size and maximum spread. In contrast to the Market Maker, the requirements of a Specialist are generally higher because a larger minimum quote size must be quoted with a narrower spread. The Vienna Stock Exchange has introduced the Specialist and Market Maker system in order to enhance market liquidity. 

About Raiffeisen Centrobank AG

Raiffeisen Centrobank is the competence center for equities and deriatives in Austria with a strong regional focus on Central and Eastern Europe. As a full service provider of certificates, the bank offers currently around 8,000 products for each market phase and investment horizon. The coverage universe of RCB company research comprises about 125 Austrian and international titles. Raiffeisen Centrobank is a 100% subsidiary of Raiffeisen Bank International AG.

Foto: Martin Kreiner, Head of Trading at RCB
Foto-Credit: Raiffeisen Centrobank AG

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