Why we support you in investing sustainably


One thing is clear: anyone who also takes sustainability into account when building up assets assumes personal responsibility and contributes to the preservation of our quality of life - as well as that of future generations. That is why sustainable investment has developed from a niche to a lasting trend in recent years and is enjoying continuously increasing attention. For more and more investors, the positive steering effect on ecological, social and societal aspects of corporate management plays an important role - and that is a good thing.


Our responsibility towards our environment and our customers lies in subjecting the basic value of a certificate to strict verification criteria. The holistic consideration of sustainability criteria is at the centre of our actions.


By sustainability we understand:


   taking responsibility
in terms of key environmental and social aspects

   acting with entrepreneurial foresight
for a long-term, economically positive result

   Creating values,
that are good for generations


Our goal is to design our financial products and services with sustainability in mind so that we can accompany our customers into a future worth striving for. We take our responsibility in social and ecological terms seriously and want to make a positive contribution in terms of resource conservation, climate protection and social change. This is also in line with the further development of our product range: sustainable investment products that are easily and transparently accessible.