Certificate Saving - Raiffeisen Centrobank launches new generation of money investment products

Certificate Saving - Raiffeisen Centrobank launches new generation of money investment products

Press Release

  • Monthly savings possible from 100 euros
  • Simple, convenient and easy
  • With Raiffeisen now in five federal states in Austria

Vienna –Raiffeisen Centrobank (RCB) is the first European issuer of certificates to offer a completely new product for all those who want to build up assets in small or large steps. Starting from 100 euro per month investors can spend regularly amounts on Certificate Saving. Unlike other forms of investment in stock markets, Certificate Saving on stock indices are equipped with a safety buffer. This ensures that even if prices fall or move sideways, you can sleep easy and let your savings work.

Asset accumulation made easy

If you want to invest money using Certificate Saving, you first need a securities account at a bank (also online or direct bank). Once you have opened such a securities account, you select the stock index in which you want to invest via Certificate Saving and specify the start date and the monthly savings amount. Of course, the monthly savings amount can be adjusted at any time. The defined payout profile makes it clear how much the investment is currently worth. There is also full flexibility in the duration of the investment.

"Certificate Saving is suitable for all those who want to build up wealth over the medium to long term via stock markets, with the advantage that only certificates bring, namely having a real safety buffer built in. This is the start of a completely new era of investing money for all generations. Whether grandparents for grandchildren, parents for their children or young adults for their own future – with Certificate Saving you can participate in the developments of the stock markets and thus achieve nice returns and are at the same time protected to a certain extent against unfavorable price developments", explains Heike Arbter, member of the Management Board of RCB.

With Certificate Saving, investors invest in the "Bonus Unlimited" series of Raiffeisen Centrobank. This means: no cap and hedging.

As of 4 July 2022, Certificate Saving is not only available at Raiffeisen in Tyrol, Burgenland and Upper Austria, but now also in Lower Austria and Vienna. Curious? Click here for the full product portrait: https://www.rcb.at/en/certificates/investment-products/certificate-saving/.

A certificate is not a savings book and is not subject to deposit insurance. Please note the issuer risk as well as the risk of creditor participation ("bail-in"). With certificates, there is a risk that Raiffeisen Centrobank AG, as the issuer, will not be able to meet its payment obligations - e.g. in the event of insolvency or over-indebtedness or an official order of resolution measures by the resolution authorities - to be fulfilled. The resolution authority has extensive powers to intervene (so-called "bail-in instruments"). Detailed information at: www.rcb.at/en/basag. In these cases, a total loss of capital is possible.


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About Raiffeisen Centrobank | www.rcb.at

Raiffeisen Centrobank (RCB) is the competence center for certificates and securities trading in Austria with a strong regional focus on Central and Eastern Europe. As a pioneer and market leader in the field of structured products, RCB offers certificates for every market situation and investment horizon. In addition, RCB is the largest domestic market maker on the Vienna Stock Exchange and thus provides liquidity for the entire Austrian prime market. Raiffeisen Centrobank AG is a subsidiary of Raiffeisen Bank International AG.

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